Hi! I’m Jill, although most people call me Jilly – except when I’m in trouble – then it’s Jillian!

Hope you’re enjoying my website. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

My earliest memory of painting is quite a special one. It was my first day at school and my dad had taken me as he was recovering from knee surgery and the walk was good exercise.

As we walked he was telling me that I would love school, meet new friends and learn new things; I’m not sure whether he was trying to give me comfort or himself.

We passed so many crying youngsters and distraught parents, when we got to the classroom I spied a table set out with paints, paper, brushes and water. I sat right down and started to paint and my Dad went home in tears. We both used to smile when we remembered that day and all these years on I’m still painting!

About my artwork

I’m a self-taught artist and have used most mediums.

That said, my favourite medium is pastel pencils on velour paper.  I just think it works so well for animal portraits.  You can get so many layers on velour and it all adds to the depth of the painting.

I particularly like the challenge of rendering the fur for animal portraits.  I like the portraits to look as though you could feel the fur.

I paint all sorts of animals, but my favourite subject, you’ve probably guessed is cats, domestic or wild.

If you have ideas for a particular portrait, but can’t find the information you’re after on my site, either email me with the details or call and I’ll be very happy to discuss your exact requirements.