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Cheetah in Oils

What a busy Easter weekend we had! Hope yours was as packed.

I started off thinking that I would finally be able to put my website overhaul behind me – yeah that’ll be Friday done, then I can start painting.

So Friday came and I did a little web updating and found a few other bits that I needed to fix before I could move on – then we took John’s mum out to lunch. A little more web weaving after lunch, bit still much to do. In addition to that John noticed that the hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard seemed to be leaking – keep our eye on that then…

So came Saturday and a little more web weaving, but I found that I should also spend a little time on my blog! Oh well – we took John’s dad to lunch this time and had a mooch around a garden centre; maybe Saturday afternoon would see off my web site! Well it didn’t, but it did see an increase in the hot water tank leak. Oh Lord – a plumber and at Easter.

Ever hopeful Sunday came and I found myself searching for html code to create a workshop booking form.  John had a photo shoot, so after he’d marched upstairs with a wrench to wage war on the cylinder, he beetled off to the studio and I was left to my own devices to play with html and cook that new lamb recipe ha ha!

Then it crept up on me like the end of a painting – I was finished!!!!! There was nothing left to do on the Website or my blog WHOO HOO, paint and easel here I come.

So beautiful Easter Monday came and I have had a whole day of painting – bliss! Even the plumber delivering the expected news that we need a new hot water cylinder didn’t dampen my mood (See what I did there? Lol)

Anyway, here is progress so far…

Cheetah from ref by John Tisbury
Support: Cotton canvas
Medium: Griffin Alkyd oils
51cm x 41cm
(20″ x 16″)

All in all a fab Easter weekend. Hope you enjoyed the Cheetah gallery. More in a couple of days.

J x

Something new…

Crikey it’s been a long time.

Thought I’d better at least write a little something…..work and exhibitions and study are keping me completely amused…

I recently demonstarted at the Cambridge Koi show with a new departure for me, Koi ponds!

Strange how you get into something and it completely takes over….

These are very addictive to work on.  All oil on canvas.  I’m using Griffyn Alkyds because of their fast drying properties.

I’ll be back later in the week with a step by step of one of the larger Koi pond pieces.

Just have a little study to do….



New studio – new work

It’s all new at the moment!

We just had new carpets fitted upstairs right in the middle of me getting work ready for The Painted Cat exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery in Waterloo – Glutten for punishment!

Anyway, all went well and work was submitted on time plus I now have a lovely tidy art studio. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years.  You only realise that when you have to move it out for new carpets!

Anyway here are the step x step images for one of my latest wildlife works:

Geoffs artist’s reference images – Mandarins in oil

I was recently fortunate enough to work with a great photographer friend of mine on his reference image CD’s for artists.
Geoff Stone and his wife Ros are local photographers and good friends of mine.  If you are looking for some fantastic reference images for your artwork click here to vist Geoffs site. Choose “Artists CDs” from the main menu to see the CDs on offer.

Currently you can choose from:
Volume 1 – Birds
This CD contains 102 images illustrating 75 different species of birds from Europe and Africa. The images are sized to print at A4 but can be re-sized and printed larger or smaller.
Volume 2 – Animals
This CD contains 100 images illustrating 22 different species of animals. The images are sized to print at A4 but can be re-sized and printed larger or smaller.
Being a photographer who specialises in wildlife, Geoff produces images that are top notch, very detailed, sharp and well worth the £20 +£2 p&p.
I chose a particularly eye-catching image of a male Mandarin duck and then I saw the image of the female. After a few preliminary sketches I had created a composition that I liked with the two of them:
This is my first piece using Winsor and Newton water mixable oils and I have to say I am a total convert.  No stinky turps and the oil behaves just like any other oil.  I prefer to use the various mediums created for this range of paints to thin and to create glazes, although I do use water with it , but sparingly.
I’ve used artistic licence to brighten the water a little, but I particularly love the luminous quality that you can achieve using glazes in oils and I think that is somthing that you can see in this piece. 
It’s nearly there, I keep going back to it between commissions so another couple of weeks and it should be complete.
The only problem with these CDs is that my head is now full of new wildlife compositions based on all the wonderful shots available, so be warned you’ll turn into a paintaholic once you get them!