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Updates, updates

It’s a full time job this, updating software, updating the way this blog looks on a mobile device, updating what I’m up to….
…and I’m not exactly the best at doing my updates on this blog ūüôĀ
I’d rather be painting…..

So for years my first love has been pastels and graphite, but now I’ve found a new love – my airbrush!

I have used a cheapy old airbrush for airbrushing sugar flowers (of all things), but always fancied learning to use one for fine art.

sugar flowers














Funny how opportunities arise

It is strange how these things happen, but I’ve always wanted to do some custom work on a bike or car, but never had the bike or the car to do it on. ¬†One day just before Christmas I was taking some artwork an exhibition and my neighbour started chatting about his custom trike that he was building. ¬†(Not that it matters, but Barry, my neighbour, is 81 and still tinkering around with and riding his trike!)

The upshot of the conversation was that Barry wanted a North American Indian themed bike and I could design and paint the artwork for the faux fuel tank!


Both of us were very happy with this first adventure into custom bike artwork. ¬†Barry was so please that he asked me to paint the real fuel tank that sits on the back of the trike. ¬†In the meantime I had booked my Marissa Oosterlee airbrush course to learn how to use my airbrush properly…!

I’ll tell you how it went in the next post.