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Christmas ….already?

Hello all

A little while ago, when I was at the Supreme cat show, I was approached by Sara from the Haworth Cat Rescue organisation to see if I’d be interested in designing this year’s christmas card for them.

What a great idea! ….and for a great cause too…

I had an idea that involved some beautiful glass angels that live in my tree at Christmas and Sara liked the sound of that, so then we chatted about the actual cat that would be the main subject.  Initially I thought about a little tabby kitten simply gazing up at the angel, but then I also remembered some shots of my cat, Amber, that were taken last summer.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that Amber is a British Blue and was the subject of my last oil piece.  All this attention will definately go to her head 🙂

Anyway,  in readiness for this piece I was snapping away at Christmas time to try and capture an angel and a bit of the Christmas atmosphere.

Click the picture for a larger version.

Here’s the picture of Amber that I thought would be just right:

She looks a right little podge in this shot!

I think she was just being lazy –  trying to reach a leaf that my sister-in-law was teasing her with, without getting up!

In my imagination, combined with the angel on the tree, it looks like she’s had too much Christmas pud!

So the idea for the piece was born.  Here’s the progress so far, remember that this is still in the early stages and many more layers of detail have to be added, but at least you get a flavour of what it will look like when finished:

It’s all done now so click here to see the final piece!

A little bit about Haworth Cat Rescue

Haworth Cat Rescue finds loving homes for  abandoned, suffering and unwanted cats through its no-kill rehoming centre.  The independent cat homing charity based in West Yorkshire is overwhelmed with calls for help and has a six month waiting list. The region has few places for people to turn to for help and, as well as relying on public support for income, the charity is fundraising to build a permanent, significantly larger centre with 100 homing pens and feral cat sanctuary.  The new centre will provide opportunities to run educational programmes in responsible pet care and an understanding of cats and their needs.

Please help Haworth Cat Rescue give more cats and kittens the shelter, care and second chance they need.  What a difference every pound makes. Thank you.

See you in a few days with an update on progress 🙂

Jilly x