Patrick Caulfield, CBE, RA(1936 – 2005)

Patrick Caulfield was a contemporary British artist and printmaker.

After Linch, 1975 - Oil on canvas
G crying to the walls: My God! My god! Will she relent?, 1973 - Screenprint

Caulfield’s work typically depicts everyday items, often in flat colour with distinct black outlines.  The  works are very economical in terms of line and tone and in some instances, particularly the screenprints, use only one predominant colour and the black outline.

Lung Ch'uan Ware and windows, 1990
Arita Flask (From the White Ware series)

Caulfield’s later work shows his mastery of using negative space.

These two pieces come from a series of 8 works, collectively called the White Ware Series.  Here we can see how Caulfield has concentrated on the negative space around the object to create the image.  the pieces almost look like collages of shapes cut from different coloured papers.






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