Part 1e Tone and form

2 point perspective

In the last section we looked at perspective as a means of conveying an object on a flat surface in 3d.

This section takes that notion one step further by adding to to the drawing.

When light falls on an object some areas will be bright while others will be in shade.  Indeed if the light is extremely bright some areas may appear so bright that they are ‘burnt out’ while others may be so deep in shadow that it’s difficult to discern the edges of the object from the background shadow.

Brush Jar - click to enlarge

So tone makes object appear more solid – have more shape, or form.

In this experiment with a Brush jar I was concerned with making the jar have form.  The light was shining from top left casting a nice soft light on the porcelain jar.

I sketched the jar using a 4b pencil and added some rough shading.  Next I softened the shading with a blending stump. (blotting paper type as I find they give a smoother result)

I then ‘grated’ some graphite dust from a graphite stick with a scalpel.  This might sound odd but you simply scrape the stick with the blade of the scalpel to produce graphite dust into a paint palette.  I first saw this in Barcelona on the Ramblas where the portrait artists have a rip-roaring trade.  The artists use the dust like paint and apply it with paint brushes and it allows you to achieve an extremely subtle effect from one end of the tonal scale to the other.

Jar and pot - click to enlarge

Anyway back to the plot ;0)

I painted on some background shading to the left hand side of the jar, then lifted out the highlight with a putty rubber to form the left-hand edge.

Next I added a jar of brush cleaner, but it wasn’t as successful as the jar.  The off centre label on the jar (in real life) is a bit distracting and I think I need to practice my ellipses a but more ;0o

Small tonal studies

Next can some quick, small studies in squares 5cm x 5cm. The brief was to use 4 drawing tools and cross-hatching to produce the sketches.

5cm x 5cm tonal studies

As you can see from my comments I wasn’t keen on working in these small squares, especially after re-discovering charcoal.

Practice pieces showing, light texture and reflection.

Kitchen objects
Brushes and pencil in water

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