Creative Arts – journey through an Hons Degree

Welcome to my journey through an Honours degree in Creative arts.

I have recently completed a Diploma in Pet Portraiture at the London Art College and gained a distinction, so I’m very happy with that result.


I started a Fine Art degree at Sheffield when I was 18 and for various reasons was unable to carry on with it.  Since then I have always had a hankering to go back to that and finish – so here I am!

Last year 2010, my husband and I completed a BSc Hons in Computing and Systems thinking with the Open University.  Because we run a consultancy business in training and development, quality distance learning of this type fits really well with our lifestyle and is very flexible.  The graduation ceremony early this year and knowing that I would soon be completing the LAC diploma prompted me to look for my next course.

After much research I settled on the Open College of the Arts (OCA).  The set-up and structure seems to echo that of the Open University and the modules that make up the Arts degrees fit the bill for me very nicely.

There were two routes that I could see would work for me:

I chose to take up the Creative arts option as there appears to be more variety in the topics covered; I guess you would expect that with creative arts.  I particularly like the graphic design elements that can be added as I tend to be involved with this type of thing for the vrious business ventures that both me and John are involved with.

So here I am all signed up and awaiting the courseware…

Start following my learning log here:

Part 1a Mark making

Part 1b Mark making continued

Part 1c Mark making with charcoal

Part 1d Perspective

Part 1e Tone and form

Part 1f Transferring enlarging/reducing sketches and reference images

End of part 1 Assignment

Part 2a Exploring coloured media

Part 2b Detailed observation

Part 2c Project Still life

Part 2d Drawing fruit and vegetables in colour



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    1. Hi Sue
      Thanks for the comment. It’s weird that although I’ve been drawing for years, there’s nothing like revisiting the basics to send you off in another direction and fire up your enthusiasm again. …And when I go back to the pet portraiture everything seems that much fresher…

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