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A trip back in time

In the process of updating my website, I’ve been searching through my old step by steps and wanted to share a couple on here that were in my old blog. So for me this is a trip down memory lane, but you might not have seen these before.

OK so here’s the first starring my little helper…

Amber in a bag

She couldn’t help herself when she got into John’s photography studio with all those bags!

Obviously it was rude not to capture this great image of her rummaging through a reflector bag.  Loved the look on her face… “What! You want me to stop chasing this imaginary mouse that I have in this bag?”

This was a little demo piece that I did at a cat show.  Its pastel on velour done with soft pastel sticks for the base coats and blocking in major areas of colour, then Derwent pastel pencils for the next detail layers.  Finally graphite to add the fine guard hairs to Amber’s fur.

Marissa Oosterlee wildlife art airbrush workshop

OK, so as I promised here’s how I got on at the Wildlife workshop delivered by Marissa Oosterlee and hosted by Pete Millichamp at Airbrush and Paint in Great Yarmouth.

I had booked this workshop last year, Nov 2013 and had to wait until May 19th 2014. How excited was I when we finally arrived in May 🙂

Although I was getting to grips with my airbrush, I had lots of questions and lots of areas where I was convince my technique could be better.

As a qualified trainer, I know the value of workshops like these.  Sometime even just the one little tip can make it all worthwhile and in this workshop I picked up so much..

Enough waffle – here’s the step by step…

Hope you enjoyed the step by step.  The image is not quite completed, I will eventually get around to adding the very last details with watercolour pencils and maybe darken a couple of areas in the background.

I need to finish the trike paniers that I’m working on first, so hopefully you will see those finished in the next update.

J x

First post of 2012

Well a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Don’t know about you, but Christmas seems like months ago…was all good though.

I had a busy time of it leading up to Christmas.

John had his 50th birthday so naturally, since your man’s only 50 once,  we had to celebrate in style.


I booked a weekend at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir in Oxford and I have to say it was incredible.  The service is second to none and that’s before you’ve even tasted the food.



Gerald Hockey contacted me a couple of weeks before Christmas to ask if I could do a rush job for his wife Barbara for Christmas.  Barbara is a very good customer, so I was delighted to oblige.

Take a look at this gallery to see the step by step for this piece.

Finally I’ve completed all the pieces for Part 2 of the drawing module for my Crative Arts degree.  You can check out the results here in the Creative Arts pages.

Right, better go and update the Creative Arts pages then :0)

Take care until next time




New studio – new work

It’s all new at the moment!

We just had new carpets fitted upstairs right in the middle of me getting work ready for The Painted Cat exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery in Waterloo – Glutten for punishment!

Anyway, all went well and work was submitted on time plus I now have a lovely tidy art studio. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years.  You only realise that when you have to move it out for new carpets!

Anyway here are the step x step images for one of my latest wildlife works:

Back online at last…

Well it feels like I’ve been offline for ages, but in fact it’s only 3 weeks.  Amazing how you feel out of touch and to think that not so long ago we got on quite nicely without blogs and email and Facebook!

Anyway I’m back and here’s an update on my latest piece.

Panthro and Tigra

These two belong to Helena Rushbridge, or is it the other way around – I never know with cats.  We certainly don’t own Amber, we’re just casual staff!

Anyway back to the plot:

Here is the gallery showing the development of the Panthro and Tigra piece from initial images through layout options to the finished piece.

We ran through a number of options before settling on one where they were sitting close, but not too close :0)

There’s a great shot half way through where Tigra’s half rendered stripes look like PJs, and I love the light falling on Panthro’s black fur.

Hope you like it….


Presenting HRH Queen Amber…

Well February is nearly done and that means I’m another year older!

Thought you’d like to see what I’ve been up to.

You might recall that I am working towards a Pet Portraiture Diploma with the London Art College…well this is the last piece that makes up my penultimate set of work.  the brief was to create an artwork with an animal in surroundings that portrays it’s personality.

Now I didn’t think I was into animals in clothes, but I have to say I loved doing this piece.

It all started when I went to the supermarket to do the shopping.  I was in the drinks isle and I saw a wierd looking bottle.  Anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m a marketing mans dream.  If it’s in a lovely box or an interesting shaped bottle then it’s in my basket! Simple as.

So take a look at what that little bottle sparked off..

Hope you enjoyed the journey…next time I’ll be starting on a design for a Christmas Card for a pet rescue centre…

Bye for now

Jilly  x

Drawing in the strangest places…

Well one of them was strange..

My sister-in-law had the last of her hand operations on Wednesday and I took her to the hospital.  Those of you who have ever experienced this will know that it involves a lot of waiting around, not least of all while the patient is in surgery.  So it was rude not to take my work with me…

There was I sitting in the plastic surgery unit with William; the lighting was fantastic and I made lots of progress!

Today we are with some great friends at their beautiful home which they have re-developed.  John  is in his element doing a photo-shoot and I have had a wonderful relaxing afternoon drinking wine, catching up and putting the finishing touches to William.

Have a look at the results here…

Next time…

…starting an oil piece ‘Her majesty, Queen Amber’  and developing the sketch for a Christmas card for the Haworth Cast rescue organisation.



Progress with William

Here’s a quick update of progress with William…

You can see from the gallery that I’ve got to the first level of detail on the second image.  Once I’ve finished the third image I will add more detail to the whole picture and the final tweaks of contrast.

Hopefully we will have a finished piece by the end of the week!



Starting over again…

Well not quite….

Apologies if you’ve been following my blog and have wondered where it disappeared to over the last few days.  The answer is “I have no idea”!!!

It’s extremely annoying, but I lost the entire thing and couldn’t log in.

Anyway after some technical jiggery pokery I’m back.

The last couple of blogs have been following my latest commission – William, a cheeky little bengal kitten with a big personality.

To remind you of where I’m at with this take a look at the gallery here.  Click on any image to enlarge and then hover over the left or right-hand side to move forwards or backwards:

Hope you enjoy the recap.  I will update the gallery software when I have more time.

There will be more to come on William later this week.

Watch out for the post about my recent Vic Bearcroft tuition experience.

See you soon



The Bengal 6 complete!

So here it is all done and dusted!
I will be delivering it to Tracey and Steve on Sunday,so I can’t wait for them to see it.
It will be interesting to know what the subjects make of it.  My Brit Blue, Amber went around the back of it when I showed her, to see where the cats were…;0)  Bless.
So it’s a short blog today – just wanted to show the finished article – I have a busy weekend of filming this weekend.
My husband, John, is a photographer and we are filming his new range of photography videos in the studio, so I’m off to create the autocue and shoot list now!
The things I do…
Have a great weekend all – next blog will see the start of the siamese kittens.  But don’t despair if you’re a Bengal lover as Spirit will be back in a couple of weeks in a painting all of his own ready for the Supreme Cat show at the NEC!
Take care