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New workshop dates: Pet Portraits in pastel

New Pet Portrait Pastel workshops scheduled!

Beautiful British Blue
Beautiful British Blue

I am now taking bookings for my next Pet Portraits in Pastel 1 day workshop:

  • Saturday 13th June 2015
    9:30 – 4:30
  • Light Lunch included
  • All materials and equipment provided
  • A fab art-packed day
  • Fab price! £95 per person

If you can’t make this date, then check out my other Art Workshop dates

Book early to avoid disappointment

Visit my website to make payment online or contact me directly to learn more

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Hey there Georgie girl!

I have spent so much time in hotels recently – away delivering training courses.  Its been fab for catching up with commissions and for building up my wildlife art portfolio.

Anyway, this is Georgie my latest equine commission.  The lighting isn’t spectacular as I was in a hotel room and the images were taken using an iPhone. Lesson learned for next time – take your camera Jilly!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the step by step.

3 Little kittens

This piece was great fun to do, not least of all because I got to spend the morning with a nest of foster kittens.

I got some great shots of them waking up and slowly revving up their little engines for mischief. I was able to select 3 shots that I thought captured some great expressions and decided on a large format pastel on velour.

3 kits 1
Sketched the outline of the piece on to large sheet of velour using 3 of my reference shots







I wanted to try and keep from resting my hand on work that I had already completed so I started from the left and completed each kitten as I progressed

Here I’ve started blocking in colour then adding detail with pencils as I work down the kitten’s body.

Started to work from the left most kitten to minimise rubbing on the pastel work already done
Started to work from the left most kitten to minimise rubbing on the pastel work already done







Here’s a closer look at the first kitten

Blocked in the base colours first , then worked into them with the detail layers
Blocked in the base colours first , then worked into them with the detail layers
For this piece I worked slightly differently and worked the base colours then the details in bands down the body as I progressed
For this piece I worked slightly differently and worked the base colours then the details in bands down the body as I progressed











I love his expression.  He was watching his foster mum as she got his breakfast ready and he was so patient.

So this is the first kitten almost complete
So this is the first kitten almost complete

You can see from his dishevelled fur that he had just woken up.

So now I can start on the second kitten

Starting on the second kitten
Starting on the second kitten






Again I use the same technique of blocking in base colours with soft stick pastels, then working into the underlayer with layers of cross hatched fur.  The important thing here is to always work in the direction of the fur growth.

Second kitten completed
Second kitten completed

Finally its the turn of the little yawning kitten who looks like she’s singing for her breakfast.

This was a great little project to do and when you start piecing together a bunch of reference images there are so many possibilities.


Here’s the finished piece.


Lastly a couple of shots showing the head detail for the second kitten and a little cameo piece that I isolated using Photodhop from the final print shot of the piece.

Head detail for the second kitten
Head detail for the second kitten
First kitten isolated in photoshop to make a great little cameo
First kitten isolated in photoshop to make a great little cameo

A trip back in time

In the process of updating my website, I’ve been searching through my old step by steps and wanted to share a couple on here that were in my old blog. So for me this is a trip down memory lane, but you might not have seen these before.

OK so here’s the first starring my little helper…

Amber in a bag

She couldn’t help herself when she got into John’s photography studio with all those bags!

Obviously it was rude not to capture this great image of her rummaging through a reflector bag.  Loved the look on her face… “What! You want me to stop chasing this imaginary mouse that I have in this bag?”

This was a little demo piece that I did at a cat show.  Its pastel on velour done with soft pastel sticks for the base coats and blocking in major areas of colour, then Derwent pastel pencils for the next detail layers.  Finally graphite to add the fine guard hairs to Amber’s fur.

First post of 2012

Well a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Don’t know about you, but Christmas seems like months ago…was all good though.

I had a busy time of it leading up to Christmas.

John had his 50th birthday so naturally, since your man’s only 50 once,  we had to celebrate in style.


I booked a weekend at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir in Oxford and I have to say it was incredible.  The service is second to none and that’s before you’ve even tasted the food.



Gerald Hockey contacted me a couple of weeks before Christmas to ask if I could do a rush job for his wife Barbara for Christmas.  Barbara is a very good customer, so I was delighted to oblige.

Take a look at this gallery to see the step by step for this piece.

Finally I’ve completed all the pieces for Part 2 of the drawing module for my Crative Arts degree.  You can check out the results here in the Creative Arts pages.

Right, better go and update the Creative Arts pages then :0)

Take care until next time




Distinctions, creative arts and Bengal cats

An unlikely mixture, but I’ll explain…

I have just completed my Pet Portraiture Diploma with the London Art College and passed with a Distinction!


So ever the student, I enrolled on my next adventure – a Creative Arts (Hons) degree with the Open College of Art.Open College of the Arts

As part of the course students are required to keep a learning journal, so I have added new pages to this blog to act as that journal.  You can follow my progress and see the outcome of my adventures on the Creative Arts Journey pages.

Part 1 is all about mark-making and has been great fun to explore.  Since it was so in-depth there are several pages for you to browse.

Hope you find it as interest as I did and who  knows you might be inspired to give it a go yourself.


Other News…

I have been so busy with study, work and holidays that it’s been a while since I did a cat show, but that will all change next weekend (8/10/2011).

You can see me at:

The Bengal Cat Club show, North Solihull Sports Centre
Conway Road Chelmsley Wood Solihull
West Midlands, B37 5LA

Sat 8th and Sun 9th October 2011

This is a TICA all breed show, so there will be something for everyone.

Back online at last…

Well it feels like I’ve been offline for ages, but in fact it’s only 3 weeks.  Amazing how you feel out of touch and to think that not so long ago we got on quite nicely without blogs and email and Facebook!

Anyway I’m back and here’s an update on my latest piece.

Panthro and Tigra

These two belong to Helena Rushbridge, or is it the other way around – I never know with cats.  We certainly don’t own Amber, we’re just casual staff!

Anyway back to the plot:

Here is the gallery showing the development of the Panthro and Tigra piece from initial images through layout options to the finished piece.

We ran through a number of options before settling on one where they were sitting close, but not too close :0)

There’s a great shot half way through where Tigra’s half rendered stripes look like PJs, and I love the light falling on Panthro’s black fur.

Hope you like it….


Win £275 worth of Jill Tisbury pet portrait vouchers at the London Pet Show!

This year I will be demonstrating and selling my artwork and taking commissions at the London Pet Show!

It’s a fantastic event for anyone who loves animals and it’s on at the National Hall, Olympia

7th & 8th May 2011

£1000 worth of prizes to be won for a mug shot of your mutt or moggy.

Magic radio 105.4 are running a photo competition called “Magic Pets” in conjunction with the London Pet Show and part of that £1000 worth of prizes is Jill Tisbury pet portrait vouchers to the tune of £275!

All you have to do is upload a cute picture of your pet to be in with a chance of winning, so get snapping and upload those pictures now!

Click here to visit the Magic Radio web site to upload a picture of your pet and have the chance to win!

Too much Christmas pud!

OK well that’s the title of the Christmas card piece unless you know any better 🙂

Just a short update today, because the piece is finished and here it is!

I’m really please with the end results and delighted to have had the opportunity to create the piece.

Haworth Cat rescue Christmas card 2011

More Christmas cheer…

Hi all

Christmas seems a strange thing to be writing about at the moment,especially with the beautiful sunny mornings we’ve been having in my part of the world.  Perhaps the frosted windscreens help to set the scene though 🙂

Anyway, I have made lots of progress with this piece, so I thought you’d want to see the update…

You’ll recall that the team at Haworth Cat Rescue asked if I would design their Christmas card for this year, so this is the progress story in pictures so far.

Check out this gallery to see the latest

A little bit about Haworth Cat Rescue

Haworth Cat Rescue finds loving homes for  abandoned, suffering and unwanted cats through its no-kill rehoming centre.  The independent cat homing charity based in West Yorkshire is overwhelmed with calls for help and has a six month waiting list. The region has few places for people to turn to for help and, as well as relying on public support for income, the charity is fundraising to build a permanent, significantly larger centre with 100 homing pens and feral cat sanctuary.  The new centre will provide opportunities to run educational programmes in responsible pet care and an understanding of cats and their needs.

Please help Haworth Cat Rescue give more cats and kittens the shelter, care and second chance they need.  What a difference every pound makes. Thank you.

See you in a couple of days when I hope to have a completed piece!

Take care

Jilly x