Marissa Oosterlee wildlife art airbrush workshop

OK, so as I promised here’s how I got on at the Wildlife workshop delivered by Marissa Oosterlee and hosted by Pete Millichamp at Airbrush and Paint in Great Yarmouth.

I had booked this workshop last year, Nov 2013 and had to wait until May 19th 2014. How excited was I when we finally arrived in May 🙂

Although I was getting to grips with my airbrush, I had lots of questions and lots of areas where I was convince my technique could be better.

As a qualified trainer, I know the value of workshops like these.  Sometime even just the one little tip can make it all worthwhile and in this workshop I picked up so much..

Enough waffle – here’s the step by step…

Hope you enjoyed the step by step.  The image is not quite completed, I will eventually get around to adding the very last details with watercolour pencils and maybe darken a couple of areas in the background.

I need to finish the trike paniers that I’m working on first, so hopefully you will see those finished in the next update.

J x

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