SAS wasps?

Lots has happened and there are lots of things to update you with, so I will share it all over the next few days.

We just had a fabulous week in Spain andI did nothing but draw next to a lovely sun drenched pool.


I was of course drawing wildlife, a couple of snow leopard cubs from a ref shot taken at Twycross zoo.  “What about the local wildlife?” – I hear you cry…Well the fact is there was no local wildlife.  Not even mosquitos which we were surprised about, but then the neighbour let us into a secret…

The area was over-run with mossies earlier in the year.  I had to laugh because Adrian (the neighbour) said that “it got so bad the mossies were biting you just for fun!”  I’m sure there’s a cartoon in that somewhere, lol.  Anyway in their naive wisdom, the local authorities decided to draft in an army of specialise wasps to attack the mossies!  Can you feel a disaster coming on????

Imagine that  – SAS wasps! Another cartoon?

Anyway, the wasps were released – result, no more mossies………and…..yep, a plague of wasps – and not just any wasps – SAS wasps.  Aparantly, Adrian had gotten rid of two nests, at the back of the villa we stayed in, a couple of weeks ago.

I have to say we were not troubled too much by wasps.  There were four persistent individuals who visited at the odd meal time, but we dispatched the scout and they didn’t bother us again.

Snow Leopard cubs

So what a way to spend a week, Stephen Fry’s audiobook on the iPOD and a paintbrush in my hand.

I was doing some artwork for my Art degree course too, but more of that in my next update…