Back online at last…

Well it feels like I’ve been offline for ages, but in fact it’s only 3 weeks.  Amazing how you feel out of touch and to think that not so long ago we got on quite nicely without blogs and email and Facebook!

Anyway I’m back and here’s an update on my latest piece.

Panthro and Tigra

These two belong to Helena Rushbridge, or is it the other way around – I never know with cats.  We certainly don’t own Amber, we’re just casual staff!

Anyway back to the plot:

Here is the gallery showing the development of the Panthro and Tigra piece from initial images through layout options to the finished piece.

We ran through a number of options before settling on one where they were sitting close, but not too close :0)

There’s a great shot half way through where Tigra’s half rendered stripes look like PJs, and I love the light falling on Panthro’s black fur.

Hope you like it….


One thought on “Back online at last…”

  1. Hi Jilly
    Wondered why I hadn’t seen much of you via the Blog – just realised you’ve ‘moved’ so I’ll have to amend my ‘follow’ list.
    I had an enforced break from art/computer work due to spine problem leading to trapped nerve and frozen shoulder – painful and expensive to treat!!!

    Are you exhibiting at SOFA this year?

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