Drawing in the strangest places…

Well one of them was strange..

My sister-in-law had the last of her hand operations on Wednesday and I took her to the hospital.  Those of you who have ever experienced this will know that it involves a lot of waiting around, not least of all while the patient is in surgery.  So it was rude not to take my work with me…

There was I sitting in the plastic surgery unit with William; the lighting was fantastic and I made lots of progress!

Today we are with some great friends at their beautiful home which they have re-developed.  John  is in his element doing a photo-shoot and I have had a wonderful relaxing afternoon drinking wine, catching up and putting the finishing touches to William.

Have a look at the results here…

Next time…

…starting an oil piece ‘Her majesty, Queen Amber’  and developing the sketch for a Christmas card for the Haworth Cast rescue organisation.



Progress with William

Here’s a quick update of progress with William…

You can see from the gallery that I’ve got to the first level of detail on the second image.  Once I’ve finished the third image I will add more detail to the whole picture and the final tweaks of contrast.

Hopefully we will have a finished piece by the end of the week!



Mephisto and friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of a Vic Bearcroft tuition day.

There were 18 of us in total in a little village hall in Tollerton, Nottinghamshire – a small but perfectly formed group.

My reason for booking this day is that I wanted to ‘loosen up’ a little.  Plus I’m thinking of offering tuition myself and it was a good opportunity to check out the competition 🙂

Being a qualified trainer I firmly believe in continual learning.  No matter how long you’ve been at something there is always something new to learn and this weekend was no exception.

Our goal was to work on a portrait of Mephisto, a beautiful Cheetah from the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.

Vic ran through the tradional basics of defining shape and form through tone, before moving on to underpainting, strengthening the colour, adding the detail and finally adjusting the contrast to finish the picture.

All in all it was a great day and I met some lovely friendly people.

The gallery below give you an idea of what we got up to:

The piece was created on velour, which is my favourite medium – particularly for fur.  There are still many layers to go before the piece is completed, but I will eventually get to it.  William the Bengal kitten is my priority at the moment as he is my current commission, then I have one more piece to create for my penultimate college assignment.  More on that after William is completed, so watch this space…


Starting over again…

Well not quite….

Apologies if you’ve been following my blog and have wondered where it disappeared to over the last few days.  The answer is “I have no idea”!!!

It’s extremely annoying, but I lost the entire thing and couldn’t log in.

Anyway after some technical jiggery pokery I’m back.

The last couple of blogs have been following my latest commission – William, a cheeky little bengal kitten with a big personality.

To remind you of where I’m at with this take a look at the gallery here.  Click on any image to enlarge and then hover over the left or right-hand side to move forwards or backwards:

Hope you enjoy the recap.  I will update the gallery software when I have more time.

There will be more to come on William later this week.

Watch out for the post about my recent Vic Bearcroft tuition experience.

See you soon



All change!

Happy New Year to all of you!

I have decided to change my blogging software, therefore my blog has moved.

Click here to see the new and updated version:

See you on the other side