It’s all go again!

This year seems to be passing by in a sort of mini whirlwind!
….and it’s nearly Christmas!

Well this last month has been one of tying up loose ends.
First of all John and I sat our final ever OU exam on 15th October and then spent the weekend away celebrating the end of 6 years of study!

Actually we went to Hunstanton and spent much of the time catching crabs off Cromer pier – what a laugh, it’s you’ve never been crabbing I can highly recommend it.

So then I got the taste for finishing things…..

First you might recall the Mandarin ducks that I started at the beginning ofthe Summer – well here’s the finished piece.

This is one of the 3 pieces that I intend to submit for my art college penultimate exercise set.  I have only one more to go so I figured I’d better get that last piece on the move too.
It’s a piece that expresses the personality of my little cat muse Amber, so this is the rough sketch:
Anyone who has been fortunate enough to become a member of staff to a British Blue will know that the old saying of cats is so fitting in this case:
“In ancient civilisations, cat’s were once worshipped as Gods,
this is something they have never forgotten!”
Certainly true in Amber’s case.  This will be a piece in oils, so watch this space…
Lastly, I was able to use some time at a cat show to finally finished a cute little portfolio piece that I started in August – ‘We are Siamese…’
Phew – told you it’s been busy…
Next time:
News on two exciting commissions – 3 Welsh Maine Coons and a bautiful little Bengal kitten