Sophie complete

Here are the final few WIP staps for Sophie:
I decided to add a blueish background to pop out the fur colour:

I chose a sort of air force blue as a complementary of the rust colours in her fur.
It might seem odd to start on the background here, but it helps me to judge the overall finished piece.  Also the background needs to be in before I can add the finishing whisps to the hair.
Here’s a closer look at the hair detail on Sophie’s left ear.  I normally work left to right across the page so that I’m not leaning on my work, but on this piece I did it the other way around – no idea why….
In the image below you can see that the piece is virtually complate.  Although I signed it I did carry on tweaking for a bit and decided to strengthen the dark behind the edges of the ears.
and fianlly the finished piece…!

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