A bit more laurel….

Well strangely I’m loving this…
I think it’s the discipline of rendering life-like foliage.  I’m giving as much attention to the laurel as I am to the main subjects – which is no bad thing.  Time was when I would have dashed off a background and then not been happy with it – maybe I’m finally mellowing in my ‘middle age’.

Anyway here’s the latest shot of it with a little more laurel:

Now I’m thinking of a new direction for my work.  I won’t say much right now, but I’m off to do lots of reseach on the Crown Jewels…!
John say’s I should call this one “Keep quiet and act like a bush!”

4 thoughts on “A bit more laurel….”

  1. Yes I wondered after I'd written it if anyone would pick that up…….Sue! lol Trust you ;0)

    I am, however off to see the real thing tomorrow when I drop off the SOFA submissions…
    J x

  2. Hi Jilly
    May bump into you tomorrow … I'm submitting work also (not pre-approved so fingers crossed) then going on to view the equestrian exhibition at the Mall Galleries …. then on to visit Richard in hospital … a long day methinks!

  3. Cool! Would be good to meet up. Not sure what time we'll be there as I'm coming down with sister Helen who has a friend over from Norway and we're off to Kew Gardens too. Nothing like a picnic in the rain! I'll keep fingers crossed for both of us…
    Hope you find Richard in good spirits.

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