Tinkering and tidying up…

Well I’m lost without my little Bengal pals, they were such a part of my life for a few weeks now they’ve gone home! ;0)

I’m pleased to say that Tracey and Steve were delighted with their comission, so another happy customer…yeay!

So now what? Well there’s lots to do.
This week I’m expecting reference images from several commissions that are on order so that they can be added to my schedule.

I need to create new work for my portfolio as four of my pieces will be going to the SOFA exhibition in Aug/Sept, so I’m excited about the exhibition and about creating new work!

I’ve just had a good tidy up in my studio – which always makes John (hubby) laugh.  I usually start by saying I’m off to tidy my studio and an hour later he comes up with a cup of tea to find me in the middle of the floor, surrounded by the ‘stuff’ I’m tidying having become distracted by a reference book or article in an art mag…Oh well I’m so predictable ;0)

Anyway, I did tidy up and I’m now ready to start on the little Siamese kittens.
Pat Sharp is a breeder of Siamese cats, you can check out her website here
She very kindly sent me this delightful shot which has now reached the top of my ‘to do’ list:

I love the way they all look like they are about to fall over, but I couldn’t resist the one pushing the other out of his/her shot.
Not sure on the caption yet, but I’m liking “Move! You blockin’ my close-up”, at the moment – unless of course you can come up with anything better!  Now there’s a challenge.
The other thing is that this will probably be submitted as part of my college work too, so I have an opportunity to try out some of the new papers that I ordered a few weeks back.  Possibly the fisher- definately pastels…
Right I’m off to find my fisher paper…
Speaky later

8 thoughts on “Tinkering and tidying up…”

  1. Oh Jilly

    I'd kill for that reference !!!!!

    I've got all humans at the moment, which is fine, but I'm longing for a fluffy 4 legged subject.

    ps: Fisher 400 is my favourite pastel support so I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with it

  2. Sue that did make me laugh ;0)

    As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be done! Rude not to really. Lol.

    Well watch this space on the Fisher…'cos you know how I feel about velour ;0) For me the Fisher has a lot to live up to…I might be seeking your advice.

  3. Cheers Geraldine

    Been trying to leave comments on your blog, but it keeps throwing me out! Have I upset you? ;0) lol

    I will try again later
    J x

  4. Congrats on being accepted in the SOFA exhibitions Jilly! That reference photo is so adorable, it definitely begs to be painted so I can't wait to see this one develop:)

  5. Thanks Michelle,
    I can't wait to get started on it. Just need to finish some college work first though – hopefully it won't be too long.

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