The Bengal 6 (and a mouse) Part 7

Light at the end of the tunnel…

…but it has been a very pleasant tunnel!

Well I spent 3 days a the ‘Just Dogs Live event’ in Peterborough – Fri, Sat & Sun drawing cats ;0)

Nobody seemed to mind and they roused lots of interest.
It was extremely hot, so there weren’t as many people at the display rings as expected.  Mostly poeple were showing the dogs then taking them home out of the heat.  At least our trade stands were in the cool.
As for the strange people who took their dogs to a dog show and left them in their cars in 30 degree heat – well don’t get me started!
Quick move on….
Here’s Sonnet, finished except for his whiskers.
Now it’s Jasper’s turn for some eye make-up.  I love this shot ‘cos his eyes look like they’ve been glued in!

The next few shots show the build up of Jasper’s features in the same way  that I’ve created all the other cats. Starting with his tash, then the rest of his facial features.

In this shot he’s almost done, since this shot I’ve checked a couple of my other reference shots to get his feet right and darkened up his paws a little on top.
What about the mouse?
You remember that I said that the space was crying out for some kind of toy?  Well I used one of Amber’s toys as reference to create a little blue mouse that just fits in there nicely…
and finally…
…there is still a little tweaking to do, I have strengthened and added more shadows since this shot.  I just need to darken up Shadow’s fur a little now that I have all the cats in.
Expect to see the signed finished article on Friday…
See you soon

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