Busy, busy, busy!

Blimey it’s busy!
I’ve just come back from a weekend exhibition of my husband, John’s work in Olympia and my nose is firmly back to the grindstone.
Just finished a commission of Pip, he’s a Burmese Blue.  His Mum loves his quirky ears, so I had to make sure that they were captured just right.

Still Life assignments
I was taken back to my art college days with the first assignment for my Pet Portraiture diploma.  Three pieces are required, 2 of which are still life subjects.  Here are my pieces:
I loved doing this exercise, I think i was the challenge of rendering the different textures that made it interesting, particularly in Still Life#2.
The last piece is  one prescribed by the college, so for copywright reasons I can’t show that here, but I’ll post up the feedback from these pieces when I recieve it.