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SOFA, so good!

Well someone had to say it…
I had a fab day today.  I took four pieces of work down to the Society of Feline Artists submission day for their annual exhibition.

I was very nervous as this is my first time exhibiting at this venue and it’s the one to be at really as it’s in London at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in Waterloo.  One of my images has been used for the catalogue and all four submissions were accepted into the exhibition, so I’m excited to see the outcome.

Fellow artist Sue Clinker, who’s blog Pencilpix you can visit from my blogroll, has also submitted work, so I have had my fingers crossed for her all day too.
I’m told that all the work will shortly be on the gallery website so watch out for the pair of us!

The Society of Feline Artists run this exhibition every year and it is eagerly awaited and attended by cat lovers from around the world.

You can read more about SOFA here.