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About Jilly

Hello! I'm Jill Tisbury - welcome to my art site.

I love to create all things artistic as you'll see from my galleries. I guess my main love is drawing and painting as I go back to it time and time again, but from an artistic perspective you name it I've tried it!
On my first day at school amongst a throng of screaming 5 year-olds, I spied some paints and sat down to create a garden of flowers - my old Dad, where I get my artisitc nature from, was the one who went home crying - bless!

I've been painting ever since.

Now and again I switch to creating sugar flowers, for which I have won many awards. ...and when the winter sets in I can be found with some sort of embroidered thread painting going on, but drawing and painting is my constant.

As most artists will tell you, painting is a fantastic passtime and if you are lucky enough earn enough money to make a living - fantastic!

I don't have that luxury, so I also have a day job. John (hubby) and I run our own business. We are Business Analysts and Training professionals which complements our hobbies perfectly. John is also a professional photographer and runs photography lighting courses.

I prefer to teach art, so check out my courses page to see how I marry the trainer in me with the artist.